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Fruitful week in Ukraine in the framework of the DAAD GUMLog project

The team of three from the Chair of Maritime Business and Logistics held a range of meetings and moderated different project events in Ukraine between June 12-17. The week began with a full-day working meeting with colleagues from KNEU and UNUH universities. The main topics were the comparative discussion of curricula in Kyiv and Uman as well as analysing possible mutual improvements of the curricula offered in both cities. These selected subjects were further assigned to bilateral inter-university pairs of colleagues to be developed this year.


The main goal of the PhD workshop was to fulfil a comparative analysis on how PhD’s are obtained between Germany and Ukraine. The workshop was moderated by Dr. Irina Dovbischuk. First, two Bremen PhD candidates - Ms. Arshia Khan and Mr. Vadym Chornyi presented two different ways of getting a PhD at the University of Bremen: a structured PhD program of the International Graduate School for Dynamics in Logistics and a non-structured PhD program at the University of Bremen. Mr. Vadym Chornyi and Ukrainian PhD candidate Mr. Pavlo Bogachyk presented their experiences and necessary steps in the process of obtaining a PhD. Finally, the four steps in Germany and around 10 steps in Ukraine were discussed by invited KNEU and UNUH lecturers. In the time of transition - the reforming process of getting a PhD in Ukraine in line with international practices - the workshop was a useful exchange about structural framework for both students and lecturers. One result of the workshop will be a brochure comparing the pathways for obtaining PhD’s in Germany and Ukraine. Another result is a project idea of KNEU and the University of Bremen; to make a detailed analysis of the necessary steps and procedures in both countries, in order to transfer the “made in Germany” PhD to Ukraine. It was decided to apply for the appropriate funding programs like e.g. the DAAD program “Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies (DIES)“.


In order to show interested colleagues and students warehouse and distribution logistics, two different logistics companies were visited: Fozzy Group logistics service provider and Ekol Ukraine. Both companies warmly welcomed around 40 people altogether.

Three representatives of Fozzy Group (Viacheslav Kuzhel, Alexander Solodky and Gennadiy Zaykov) made a dialogue-oriented introductory presentation on the core principles of warehouse logistics before continuing with the academic excursion to one of warehouses. Visitors saw the distribution of goods according to different factors, IT-based facilitation via voice system, as well as the competitive atmosphere among the workers in the warehouse. A special topic was the implementation of the Kaizen-oriented approach in the company’s strategy. Apart from the academic excursion a range of networking meetings were offered to students: one welcome dinner, for selected GUMLog guest students 2017, at a German restaurant and showing students from Bremen the historic centre of the capital of Ukraine.


Another day saw the academic excursion continue to Ekol Ukraine, established in 2011 by Ekol Turkey. The Ekol Group employs around 6.800 people worldwide, 10% - in Ukraine. The company’s initiative to contribute to knowledge transfer on practical logistics is called #EkolOsvita.

Guided by their managing director, Mr. Oleksiy Severyn, and corporate marketing manager Ms. Oksana Bondarchuk, the Ekol's warehouse RUTA was shown to lecturers and students. The excursion participants were impressed by the high level of IT technologies implementation in the RUTA warehouse. A variety of the services (picking, labelling, sorting, barcoding, etc.) were presented to students for different products. Especially interesting were the insights on the future research projects of the company, aiming to further enhance the usage of technologies (e.g. RFID) for the integrative warehouse automation.


On another day a round table was held with a range of the leading companies in Ukraine and so-called multiplier institutions: AB InBev Ukraine, Fozzy Group, Raben Ukraine, Nestlé, and Ukrainian Logistics Alliance. Together with lectures from KNEU and UNUH, different formats for the integration of companies was discussed, among others - launching case studies, internships, and academic excursions. Special attention was paid to subjects including an overview of possible ICT technologies in transport and logistics, in order to avoid the teaching of company-specific applications.


In order to broaden the German-Ukrainian transport and logistics network, which is one of the goals of the GUMLog project, a range of meetings were held with the National University of Shipbuilding in Mykolaiv, in southern Ukraine. There, the PhD candidate Mr. Vadym Chornyi met the vice-rector on international relations Prof. Dr. Evgeniy Trushliakov, the dean of the Faculty Maritime Economics Prof. Dr. Volodymyr Parsyak, and the vice chair holder Prof. Dr. Inna Irtuzheva (Chair of Management and Administration, Faculty Maritime Economics). The discussed issues were the synergies in the framework of the GUMLog project, signing the MoU, the student excursion to Bremen and joint publications.

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